Purchase Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions : Supply & Services and GST / E:Way Bill Clauses

Supply of Materials:
Unless communicated in writing to the contrary within seven (7) days from the receipt hereof, this order read along with "all terms & conditions for supply of materials and services" shall be deemed to have been accepted by the seller; and seller shall not have a right to cancel the order.

  1. 1. Kindly adhere to the guidelines provided by Government during Covid19 pandemic for the supply of Material / to Provide services in our premises.
  2. 2. Do not supply any material having negative environmental impact. Please take care of non-supply of banned chemicals and items like asbestos, single use of plastics etc. too.
  3. 3. Unless otherwise stated in the order, the goods are to be delivered free of delivery charges to our stores.
  4. 4. Delay in payments owing to non-compliance of the above terms by the seller shall not disentitle us of any discount which may be otherwise available in respect of the goods.
  5. 5. Acceptance of delivery, notwithstanding breach of any of the terms and conditions by the seller shall not operate as waiver of the same by us.
  6. 6. Payments shall be affected by Cheque drawn on any local bank by due date. Bank charges, if any, shall be borne by the seller.
  7. 7. Without prejudice to the right to repudiate the contract and right to return the goods and/or claim damages in the event of the terms and conditions on part of the seller, we hereby expressly reserve the right to not only recover the payment which may have already been made but also to adjust and set off the same against any sum that may be payable to the seller on any account whatsoever.
  8. 8. Acceptance of delivery, notwithstanding breach of any of the terms and conditions by the seller shall not operate as waiver of the same by us.
  9. 9. Defective, rejected, and expired goods shall be held entirely at the seller’s risks and must make necessary arrangements to lift them promptly.
  10. 10. We reserve the right to cancel or amend this order or any part thereof without assigning any reason before the goods leave from seller's warehouse and we shall not incur any liability for the same.
  11. 11. We shall not be liable to take delivery of goods if such failure is due to Act of God, enemies, fire, earthquake, floods, strikes, lockout troubles, transportation embargoes, virus pandemic and other similar causes beyond our control, in which case we shall have right to cancel the order without any liability on us.
  12. 12. We assume no risk in relation to any goods delivered more than those specifically ordered, or in relation to wring supplies of goods.
  13. 13. The seller warrants that the goods supplied hereunder do not and will not infringe any patent, trademark, design etc., granted by the Govt. or any other foreign country thereto.
  14. 14. All boxes, bundles and other package shall be serially numbered, and such numbers shall be properly disclosed on packing slip and invoices.
  15. 15. On demand, the necessary declarations/documents shall be submitted to the seller to enable him to claim exemption or concessional rate of duty.
  16. 16. In the event we are called upon to pay any duty/tax owing to noncompliance of law by the seller of for any other reason, the seller shall be held liable.
  17. 17. Unless expressly agreed to the contrary, prices shall be inclusive of all taxes, duties, cess etc. At no point of time, in future, we shall be liable to pay any additional and/or differential amount of sales tax, excise duty or similar other taxes, duties and cess.
  18. 18. Proper duty paying documents shall be submitted in time by the seller to enable us to claim modvat credit, set off etc., in accordance with law, failing which the seller shall be liable.
  19. 19. Taxes, duties etc., as recovered from us, if found to be more than what is correctly payable in accordance with law, shall be liable to be refunded back to us by the seller.
  20. 20. Any terms and conditions imposed by the seller which is inconsistent or contradictory with what is stated herein shall be treated as redundant unless the same is expressly agreed in writing by us.
  21. 21. Suppliers of Chemical and Substances to furnish the following: a. Current MSDS (16 points) supplied (less than five years old).b. TREM Card for hazardous chemicals. c. Certificate of Analysis (COA). d. Date of Manufacture. e. Shelf life of chemical and its mode of disposal (in case of expired material) f. Substance should be correctly labelled and packed. g. Scheduled Carcinogens permit. h. End user chemical declaration. </span
  22. 22. Supplier of Plant / Equipment (Electrical) a. Noise less than 85 dBA. b. Suitable guarding / emergency stops / safety devices.c. Meets relevant electrical standards.d. Instruction manual information about safe use.c. Staff is competent / trained for installation.
  23. 23. General requirements - All vehicles entering TechNova premises should havea. PUC certificate for the vehicles.b. Valid driving license for the driver. c. No oil leakage from the vehicle.d. Cleaner / helper to be accompanied by the driver of the vehicle. e. Vehicle fitness Certificate.
  1. 24. In case of any accident which occurs during transit of material to TechNova location, entire responsibility & liability will be of concerned Transporter / Supplier of material.
  1. 25. In case of any incident, leading to spillage of chemicals which may happen enroute to Technova location, entire responsibility & liability to comply with legal implications will be of concerned Transporter / Supplier of material.
  1. 26. Disputes, if any, in relation to this contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Mumbai.


  1. 1. You will maintain complete records of the following and intimate to us from time to time, and on completion of the jobs, in writing. a. Quantity and value of your own materials used by you. b. Quantity and value of our materials used by you. c.Name and designation of your men on the job and man-hour spent by each of them as and when required by us.d. Details regarding our facility used by you, if any.
  2. You will comply with special points mentioned above and report extent of your compliance in writing on completion of the above.
  1. 2. You will intimate the progress of work to our job co-ordinator from time to time.
  2. 3. Any deviation in the job content or its terms and conditions must be discussed with our job co-ordinator before obtaining the sanction of the signatory to this order only then the deviation shall be carried out by you.
  3. 4. The quantum of job will be measured by you along with our representative and mentioned in your appropriate invoice.
  4. 5. The job will be deemed to be completed only upon entire satisfaction of our job co-ordinator and his certification to that effect.
  5. 6. Timely completion of the job is the essence of the contract failing which, you shall be liable to pay damages.
  6. 7. All requirement regarding safety of your workmen while on duty at our site shall be observed by you and all necessary equipment for the same will be provided by you. In case we find that your provision for safety aspect is inadequate we reserve right to suspend the work till satisfactory arrangements are provided by you. However, it shall not absolve you of your exclusive responsibility for safety of your workmen and property. You will strictly adhere to the enclosed "MINIMUM SAFETY MEASURES TO BE FOLLOWED BY CONTRACTORS".
  7. 8. Should it come to our notice that any of your employees do not conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, you shall forthwith arrange their removal and replacement on our information to you of such employee/s misconduct. Your persons at our site shall be required to observe our factory rules and regulations regarding timing, discipline, etc
  8. 9. All statutory rules and regulations regarding the labour employed by you viz.insurance, ESI.., P.F., Minimum wages, Workmen Compensation, etc., as applicable shall be duly observed by you.
  9. 10. You will comply with all such requirements as are expected of an employer towards his employees with a view to ensure fulfilment of all statutory requirements. You shall indemnify us against any liability arising on us due to non- observance of statutory requirements by you.
  10. 11. Any damage to our property on person incurred by any of your persons deployed at our site, shall be recoverable from you in full or shall be adjusted against your dues.
  11. 12. You shall indemnify us against any claims of damage that may arise from injury to our/your workmen at site also against any penalty resulting out of your non-compliance, if any, of statutory rules and regulations.
  12. 13. We reserve full right to terminate this contract any time after giving a reasonable notice to you.

GST / E:Way Bill Clauses

"Vendor hereby undertake that it will make timely payments of all taxes, duties, levies imposed by Government (including but not limited to GST), be responsible for filing of all necessary tax returns and E-way bill for movement of goods and undertake all necessary compliances in accordance with applicable statutory requirements under the relevant statute in relation to goods/services supplied to the Company.

Vendor hereby undertake that it will issue the tax invoices with valid Invoice Reference Number (‘IRN’), wherever applicable and E-way bill within the statutory time limits as prescribed under the GST laws and in the manner and with all the prescribed particulars as are required to be specified as per the GST Laws.

Post supply of goods / services under this Agreement, Vendor shall cooperate with TechNova and provide any information that may be reasonably requested by the TechNova in connection with claiming such credit of input tax under the GST Laws such as tax invoice or debit note issued or such other taxpaying document(s) as may be required as proof of payment of applicable GST by us.

Where, transactions in respect of which the TechNova has claimed input tax credit are notified as unmatched vis-à-vis the corresponding disclosures made by the Vendor in his periodic returns, Vendor would extend necessary assistance, to enable the TechNova to retain such claimed credits. In case, there is default at the end of Vendor in uploading correct data in GST Returns within time line prescribed as per GST laws or timely generation of E-waybill and accompanying the same with movement of goods within time lines prescribed as per GST laws, due to which TechNova is not eligible to avail the GST Input credit or any notice is issued by GST authorities, Vendor shall indemnify TechNova for such tax losses along with interest and penalty imposed by the relevant tax authorities. Any liability arising out of non-compliance of GST Law / E:Way Bill while executing the Purchase Order will have to be borne by Vendor"

Without prejudice to the right to repudiate the contract and right to return the goods and/or claim damages in the event of the terms and conditions on part of the seller, we hereby expressly reserve the right to not only recover the payment which may have already been made but also to adjust and set off the same against any sum that may be payable to the seller on any account whatsoever.

In the event Company is unable to avail or is denied any input tax credit of GST Amount paid by you due to any failure from your side for any of the following reasons: -

  1. 1. to comply with the GST Law in any respect.
  2. 2. to provide the correct invoice, any supporting documents, or any information to the Company in a timely manner.
  3. 3. to resolve or co-operate to resolve any mismatch or discrepancy in the GST returns.
  4. 4. to file the returns as required in time under the GST Law.
  5. 5. to make payment of tax or delay in making the payment of tax under GST Law.
  6. 6. to determine the correct Place of Supply as per GST Law.
  7. 7. to follow due process as prescribed under GST law in case of any shortage in receipt of goods or deficiency in supplies.
  8. 8. to mention correct HSN number for the item supplied,
  9. 9. to mention Unique and valid Invoice Reference Number (‘IRN’), wherever applicable, on the invoice
  10. 10. TechNova is availing eligible input tax credit every month based on monthly reconciliation of GST credit with respect to service provider / supplier invoices, whereby invoice level reconciliation is done with GST reporting by service provider/ supplier on GSTN portal for invoices before making payment. Accordingly, in case there are any mismatches or missing input tax credit then an amount equivalent to any tax liability or any loss accruing to the Company shall either stand cancelled or deducted from the payment due to you or shall be reimbursed by you as the case may be till such default is either rectified or made good by you with a documentary proof to the Company and the Company is satisfied that it is in a position to claim valid input tax credit within the time-lines asper applicable laws.
  11. 11. The company reserves the right to cancel the contract in case the vendor is blacklisted by GSTN or if the rating is below a particular level.
  12. 12. In case any liquidated damages, damages on any other account or penalties are payable by you to the Company, then the Company shall raise an invoice as per GST Law for the said amount to be recovered from you along with the applicable GST thereon and you shall pay the amount forthwith along with tax.
  13. 13. As per the Anti-profiteering under GST law, any reduction in the rate of tax on any supply of goods or services or the benefit of input tax credit shall be passed on to the recipient by way of commensurate reduction in the prices. Given this, in compliance with the said provision, please ensure the benefit is passed on to the company.
  14. 14. In case a Company is liable to deduct appropriate Tax at Source for any supply of Goods and/or Services as may be notified by the Government, the same shall be done. Further, shall also issue an appropriate TDS certificate to you within the time specified under the GST provisions.
  15. 15. You shall, among other compliances required to be made as set forth in the GST Law,
  16. 16. In respect of any advance paid by the Company against the supply of Goods/provision of Services, you should provide the Company with the "receipt voucher" for the advance received by you. In case no supplies are made/ services are provided by you against the advance so paid, then you will issue a refund voucher to the Company as per GST Law along with the GST Amount, if paid by the Company to you at the time of payment in advance.
  17. 17. Ensure that the correct GST registration number of the Company for both "Bill To" & "Ship To" locations & correct HSN number for the item supplied as per our Purchase Order /Contract or any other purchase document must be mentioned by you in your Invoice.
  18. 18. Ensure that the invoice is issued as per the format, your GSTIN, GSTIN of the company and within the time limit as prescribed under the GST provisions.
  19. 19. Shall determine the correct Place of Supply as per GST Law. If the Place of Supply, for a particular supply, is different from the location of the Company, then the Place of Supply shall be declared on the invoice issued by you.

You shall solely bear and pay or reimburse the Company for any losses or incremental GST amount for any delays or defaults attributable to you due to Non/delayed compliance by you.


  1. 1. "GST" means the applicable (i) (a) Central Goods and Services Tax, and (b) State Goods and Services Tax or Union Territory Goods and Services Tax, or (ii) Integrated Goods and Services Tax and (iii) Cess payable.
  2. 2. "Place of Supply" means the place of supply as determined under IGST Act.