ThermoStar T9
Lives to serve your ever increasing needs in today's thermal plate production environments. Whether you are a packaging printer, a service bureau or an in-house commercial printer, ThermoStar T9 seamlessly integrates in your existing setup with its fully customisable workflow solutions to produce quality that fits your needs.
Future Ready
Fully synchronised to accept next generation chemistry free plates.
Online Service Dashboard
Free access to 24 X 7 online dashboard, T.E.D, giving you total control of TechNova engineering service experience.
Open Architecture
Unlike service dongle based devices,ThermoStar T9 gives you complete freedom to chose your consumables and services provider not only at the time of purchase but also for future.
Dynamic Autofocus
Fast Balance & Auto Switch of Laser Beam
Auto Constant Thermostatic Control of Laser Chassis
DDS Frequency Multiplication and Drum Auto Balance
Accurate Graphic Size Calibration
Highly Reliable Plate Clamping System
Exposing Method
External Drum
Imaging System
64 channel I 48 channel Discrete 830 nm laser
Output Speed
28 pph 1 20 pph 1,030 X 800 mm 2,400 dpi
Plate Size
Max.1,130 X 920 mm I Min. 400 X 300 mm
Exposing Size
Max.1,130 X 904 mm
Media Type
Thermal plate
Plate Thickness
0.15 mm I 0.3 mm
2,400 dpi
±51Jm (Continuous exposure over four times on the same plate with a temperature of 23° C and 60% RH )
USB 2.0 I USB 3.0 (Recommended option is USB 2.0)
Plate Loading
First manual, then autoload
Net Weight
900 kg
Device Size
2,530 X 1,050 X 950 mm (W X D X H)
Power Supply
Single phase : 200 - 240 V;Max power (Peak value) : 4 kW
Recommended temperature : 21 - 25° C Allowable temperature : 18 - 26° C Humidity : <70%