Customer Focus

Be the most preferred business partner for our customers (with over 70% market share) in chosen segments of the imaging industry. Do so by fulfilling customers’ current and future needs in a manner that is vastly superior to all competitors.


Technology Focus

Be the technology leader, and practice highest levels of excellence in manufacturing, marketing & all business processes, for the sheer joy of it.


Alliance Focus

Be the most preferred alliance partner for global industry leaders, by delivering what is promised

(and promising only what can be delivered).


Stakeholder Focus

Be the most preferred investment vehicle for shareholders and financial institutions, by providing

them with superior returns on capital employed.


People Focus

Be the organisation that nurtures innovation & inspires TechNovites to be the pivotal competitive advantage


Spiritual Focus

Be focused on the ultimate goal in life : Self Realisation

  • Consider work as a means to achieve this goal
  • Remain blissful through total faith in God
  • Be recognised by : total humility, calmness, integrity, honesty of purpose, truthfulness, fair & ethical behaviour and a gentle sense of humour


This is not a wish-list, This is the basis of “being” for TechNova