Tiger / Tiger Premium

Tiger and Tiger Premium are designed with quality and simplicity in a heavy-duty design for demanding printers.

Tiger uses a traditional chain drive for rollers and brushes, and is intended for customers who have high processing demands and require robustness combined with convenient electronic features for daily use.

TIGER PREMIUM offers added features at an economical price Tiger Premium is a more fully featured plate processor than the standard Tiger, including: Graphical Touch Screen user interface, Water Saving, Conductivity and Container Monitor for alert on full/empty containers.

Tiger and Tiger Premium are available in two widths: 86 and 125 cm (33.9 and 49.2”) and can be used for both thermal conventional processing.


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  • Tiger Premium is more fully featured Plate Processor than the Standard Tiger Including Graphical Touch Screen user interface, water saving, conductivity and container monitor for alert on full/empty containers