SuperFount Plus LNS 202

Highly buffered, general purpose fountain solution for sheet fed and high speed web offset presses.

SuperFount Plus LNS 202 is a highly buffered, general purpose fountain solution for sheet fed and high-speed web offset presses

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  • ● Digital & Analog plate safe; for zero plate cancellation
    ● Good de-sensitisation property; to keep plates open on press during press stoppages even at high ambient temperature
    ● Enables fast clean-up and rapid attainment of ink-water balance; for reduced start-up wastage

  • ● Depending on usage condition, add between 2%-4% concentrate in water (20ml-40ml concentrate in one litre of water)
    ● Ideal dilution depends on press speed, type of dampening system, ink type and paper quality and water quality
    ● Use a freshly calibrated conductivity meter, for accurate dosing control. Ensure that the mixed fountain solution is within +100 μS of the pre-determined mix
    ● To ensure optimum tray life, thoroughly clean the dosing, circulation and feeding systems with Fount System Cleaner and deglaze ink train and dampening rubber rollers, before charging freshly mixed solution

  • ● Storage & Handling: Store away from direct sunlight, between 5°C-30°C in dry and well-ventilated area. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.
    ● Shelf-life : 12 months from the date of manufacture
    ● Pack Size : 20 & 210 litres
    ● Caution : Avoid contact with skin and eyes. The use of Nitrile hand gloves and safety glasses are recommended.