offset printing plates

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Asahi‘s AFP-TOP is a premium digital fl exo plate giving the printer a wide colour space with vibrant colour reproductions and soft tonal shades fading out to zero.
Asahi’s AFP-TSP is a medium hardness digital fl exo plate, optimised for a wide range of printing materials.
Direct-On-Press, Process-free Thermal plate. Image>Mount>Print
A true Chemistry-free Thermal CtP Plate
High-fidelity Small Offset PS Positive Plate
Third Generation UV CtP Plate
World's most robust Thermal Zero Process, Direct-On-Press digital plate
India’s first chem-free Violet Photopolymer CtP plate
Violet Photopolymer CtP Plate
Medium-run PS Positive Plate
AFP™-BFTH 114 First Built-In FlatTop plate with CleanPrint
AFP™-BFTH 170 First Built-In FlatTop plate with CleanPrint