offset printing plates

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World's most robust Thermal Photopolymer plate for extra-long runs
Positive, Long run, High-Resolution Thermal CtP plate
Xtra Long-run Thermal CtP Plate.
Direct-On-Press, Process-free Thermal CtP plate
A true Chemistry-free Thermal CtP Plate
High-fidelity Small Offset Positive Plate
World's most robust Thermal CtP plate
Third Generation UV CtP Plate
Long run Positive PS plate
The World’s Premium, Presensitised Positive-working Inkjet Plate
HP-approved Premium Laser Plate!
The Optimum Performance Plate!
Third Generation UV CtP Plate
The Bull-headed PS Positive Plate!
India’s first chem-free Violet Photopolymer CtP plate
Violet Photopolymer CtP Plate
Medium-run PS Positive Plate