plateroom chemicals

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Solvent based cleaner for the plate processors using all types of CtP and analog plates.
Concentrated developer and replenisher for Analog positive plates. (Dilute 1 : 9)
Premium cleaner for films & film carrier sheets
Premium, white emulsion plate cleaner & conditioner for CtP & Analog plates
Premium heavy duty emulsion cleaner for CtP & Analog plates
Premium, white emulsion cleaner for cleaning & desensitization of CtP & Analog plates using UV & EB curing inks
Cleaner for removal of polyurethane adhesive used in hot lamination
Premium single-step lacquer developer for wipe-on negative platemaking
Finisher-cum-desensitiser for wipe-on negative platemaking
Two-in-one finisher-cum-desensitizer for wipe-on negative platemaking
Two-part photosensitive coating for wipe-on negative plate-making
Emulsion cleaner & scum remover for non-sensitized aluminium plates