PlateRite 8600SL

Thermal Plate Recorder

The thermal PlateRite series is constructed with a reliable external drum design. This makes it possible for the drum to spin at high speeds with the imaging head positioned close to the surface of the plate. Easy maintenance of the imaging head is another key advantage of this design. Individual laser diodes can be replaced as required.

The PlateRite 8600SL is suitable for use with a wide range of plate sizes, from 450 x 370 mm (17.8" x 14.6") (GTO size) to 1,150 x 940 mm (45.2" x 37"), and plate thicknesses, from 0.15 to 0.3 mm (6 to 11.8 mil). By popular request, the PlateRite 8600SL is now also compatible with B3-size vertically oriented plates. As a factory option, a plate size of 304
x 370 mm (12" x 14.6") can be supported .



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  • Featuring Screen’s unique external drum recorder technology and high-precision optics, the PlateRite 8600SL
    is a high-performance B1-format CtP recorder capable of high-speed output of up to 22 plates an hour.

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