PileHi 25C

Anti set-off powder for offset printing (Coated Grade-25 microns).

PileHi is a starch based Anti-Set Off powder with excellent flow properties and suitable for all types of offset printed jobs; also for jobs with water-based coating as a second step.

PileHi is available in coated and regular grades.

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    • Controllable flowrate;allows operator fine adjustment depending on printed job
    • Exceptionally resistant to moisture; will remain fluid and avoid clogging the spray nozzles at extreme conditions
    • Naturally rounded particles;aids in reducing plate wear
    • Reduced blanket piling;eliminates frequent cleaning of blankets
    • Suitable for all types of powder applicators;allows PileHi to be used on all presses
    • Uniform grain shape; allows to spread evenly across the printed sheet
  • Printing Conditions

    Preferably AC unit; web temperature of 110°C

    • Store boxes in a clean and cool area.
    • Keep containers tightly closed.

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