NovaTone Eco Processor Cleaner

Specialty cleaner for CtP Thermal & Positive analog plate processors

NovaTone Eco Processor Cleaner is a specialty cleaner for CtP Thermal & positive analog plate processors.

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    • Compatible with processor rollers; no adverse effect.
    • Cleans all the developer stains from the rollers & maintains it's affinity; prolongs roller life.
    • Takes less time to clean as compared to conventional methods; saves man hours.
    • Readily bio-degradable; safer for the environment.
    • Apply sufficient quantity of the solution to the processor parts that are to be cleaned.
    • Slight scrubbing helps to remove hardened stains. Rinse clean with warm water.
    • For best results use at every bath change.
    • We recommend to use 'CtP Processor Cleaner' for removing hardened coating stains, if any.
    • Storage & Handling : Store at moderate temperature (24oC ~ 35oC) in a dry, well-ventilated area.
    • Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight. Keep the container closed when not in use.
    • Shelf-life : 6 months from the date of manufacture.
    • Packing : 5 litres.
    • Precautions : Avoid skin and eye contact.