NovaStick Synthetic Satin 200 PP SA (SLS 251121)

Digitally Printable Self-adhesive Film

NovaStick Synthetic Satin 200 PP SA (SLS 251121) is a pressure sensitive polypropylene based self- adhesive film label for offset and screen printing. It is suitable for product labels, hand-made luxurious products, gift boxes, bags etc.

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  • ●    White opaque satin finish for a brilliant look
    ●    Excellent toner adhesion for sharp and high definition images
    ●    Superior lay-flat properties for trouble-free printing
    ●    Tear resistant for permanency and easy removal
    ●    High moisture resistance
    ●    Excellent flexibility to conform the contours

  • Kindly refer to the digital press user guide for instructions on appropriate printer settings
    ●    Please conduct thorough testing of the substrate for intended application prior to use
    ●    For best output & media setting, please consult the service engineer of the digital press intended for printing
    ●    Please ensure the sheets are conditioned to the printing environment for 24 hours before use
    ●    Please fan the sheets to facilitate jam-free feeding
    ●    For best print results, please maintain the temperature at 20 - 25oC and the relative humidity (RH) at 55% ± 10%
    ●    The durability of the printed images will depend on the fading characteristics of the ink used. Please consult with digital press manufacturer for technical advice
    ●    Before pasting the label, please ensure that the surface is free from oil, moisture and dust particles. This will help in better adhesion.

  • Hold media by the edges to avoid kink marks. Fingerprints
    will affect the quality of the image.
    Please use fresh pair of cotton gloves while handling unprinted media to avoid sweat, grease and oil transfer on to the media that could affect the print quality.
    When not in use, store the media in a cool, dry place [20- 25°C, 55% ±10% RH] away from direct sunlight in its original packing.
    Keep media in horizontal flat position to avoid curling.

  • Products specifications
    Attribute name Attribute value
    Face Super white opaque, both side coated Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene film
    Release Liner Clay Coated Kraft (CCK) paper
    Total Weight 197 ± 5 gsm
    Size Accuracy ± 1 mm
    Sizes Available 330 x 482mm, 305 x 457mm, 297 x 420mm
    Pack Size 100 sheets / pack
    Adhesive Water base

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