NovaSign Eco-sovent Satin Paper 220 SA (ESP 220 SA)

For eco-solvent, solvent, UV & latex inkjet printing of front-lit displays

NovaSign Eco-sovent Satin Paper 220 SA (ESP 220 SA) is a white satin,front print,water-resistant paper, top coated with an ink-receptive layer for printing of indoor and semi-outdoor front-lit displays. It has a self-adhesive back for easy print-paste applications. This paper is suitable for applications such as posters,in-store advertising, exhibition panels,POP -POS displays and other signages.

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  • ● Special coating for sharp & vibrant colour prints
    ● Self-Adhesive back for easy online print & paste applications
    ● Water resistance & stain resistance coating makes it easy to clean
    ● Recyclable & bio compostable inert media free of PVC for eco-friendly printing requirements

    • posters
    • In-store advertising
    • Exhibition panels
    • POP -POS displays
    • Other Signages
    • Condition the media in the normal printing environment for 24 hours before printing
    • Print the media  with in the specified ink limit.
    • Exceeding the ink limit can lead to longer drying time, bleeding and lower resolution. For best results, use colour calibration.
    • Use Lamination machine for easy error free pasting on Sunboards, Sunpack, Bubbleguard
    • Printed media should be thoroughly dried before rolling-upfortran sport to avoid inks mearing
    • Use a pair of cotton gloves to handle the media and protect it from sweat,grease & oil.
    • When not in use, store the media in original packing in a vertical position.

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