NovaJet Photo Satin RC Paper 190 - PSP RC 190

For thermal and piezo inkjet printing for photographic applications

NovaJet Photo Satin RC Paper 190 (PSP RC 190) is a resin-coated paper with satin finish, water resistant, top-coated with ink-receptive layer. Ideally suitable for indoor posters and proofingapplications.

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    • Fogra certified product
    • Outstanding media consistency, wide colour gamut and deep richcolours
    • High image definition and line clarity for better resolution and sharperproofs
    • Instant dry & water-resistant properties for ease of handling, especially in tropical conditions
    • Minimal optical brighteners for accurate proofing outputs
  • Ideally suitable for indoor posters and proofing applications.

    • Hold the media by the edges. Fingerprints will affect the quality of the image.
    • A fresh pair of cotton gloves should be used while handling bare media to avoid sweat and grease marks and oil transfers on to the media, which could interfere with the print quality.
    • Store the media in cool, dry place (20-25oC, 55% ±10% RH) away from direct sunlight.
    • When not in use, the media should be stored in its original packing.
    • Store the media in flat position, to avoid curling.

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