NovaJet Medical Imaging Blue 200 - MIFB 200

Inkjet films for medical x-ray images

NovaJet Medical Imaging Film Blue 200 (MIFB 200) is inkjet printable polyester (PET) film top- coated with micro- porous ink-receptive layer

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    • Compatible with aqueous pigment & dye-based desktop inkjet printers
    • Low-cost substitute for medical dry films
    • Excellent grey balance for sharp & high-definition image
    • Micro-porous coating facilitates instant drying
  • Ideally suitable for high quality X-ray images.

    • Hold media by the Fingerprints will affect the quality of the image.
    • A fresh pair of cotton gloves should be used while handling unprinted media to avoid sweat, grease and oil transfer on to the media that could affect the print quality.
    • Load one sheet at a time in the input tray
    • Keep media in flat position to avoid curling
    • Ensure that the notch is at the top right corner to select the correct side for
    • It is recommended to acclimatize the material to indoor climate at least 24 hours before usage
  • When not in use, store the media in cool, dry place [20-25°C, 55 +10% RH] away from direct sunlight in its original packing.

  • Products specifications
    Attribute name Attribute value
    Shelf-Life One year from the date of packing when stored in original packing at 20-25°C and 55% ± 10 RH
    Base Polyester Film
    Sizes Available 210 x 297, 203 x 254
    Color Translucent Blue
    Thickness 200 ± 5 microns (280 ± 7 GSM)
    Pack Size 100 Sheets / Pack

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