NovaJet Engineering Matte Film 100

For inkjet printing of engineering, architectural & construction drawings

NovaJet Engineering Matte Film 100 (EMF 100) is a double side coated, matte polyester film, top-coated with an ink-receptive layer for inkjet printing of CAD drawings. It is also back-coated to allow easy manual drafting. Superior edge sharpness and easy drafting properties make it the right choice for CAD applications. It can also be used as a master (original) for making multiple copies by photocopying or by ammonia printing.

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    • High image definition & line clarity for sharp and accurate images
    • Thicker, non-tear film base for dimensional stability, durability & ease of handling
    • Optimum image density for perfect duplication
    • Drafting property on the reverse side to allow manual corrections
    • Condition the media in the normal printing environment for 24 hours beforeprinting
    • Pre-test ink compatibility with the media before printing the finaldesign
    • Use original inks for printing. Compatibility of media with refilled inks (3rd party inks) must be checked beforeuse.
    • Printed media should be thoroughly dried for at least 30 minutes before rolling-upfor transport or before exposing it on to diazo papers andfilms.
    • Images printed on the media should be kept away from ammonia/amines solution or vapour to preventdiscolouration.
    • It is recommended to print a mirror image on the matte coated side of the media. This allows easy corrections to be made on the reverse side, which has draftingproperties.
    • A fresh pair of cotton gloves should be used while handling the bare media to avoidsweat, grease and oil transfer on to the media that could adversely affect the printquality.
    • When not in use, the media should be stored in its original packing in a vertical position.