NovaJet Coated Matte Paper Premium 90 (CPP 90)

For inkjet printing of colour graphics, CAD drawings & GIS imaging Paper

NovaJet Coated Matte Paper Premium 90 (CPP 90) is matte finish paper, top-coated with an ink- receptive layer for printing of colour grahics, CAD drawings, GIS imaging, proofing and many other applications.

    •   Special coating for sharp & high-resolution images
    •   Superior whiteness for wide colour gamut & deep rich colours
    •   High opacity for limited show-through
    •   Quick drying for high productivity
    • Condition the media in the normal printing environment for 24 hours beforeprinting
    • Pre-test ink compatibility with the media before printing the final design. Use originalinks for printing. Compatibility of media with refilled inks (3rd party inks) must be checked beforeuse.
    • The media should be printed within the specified ink limit. Exceeding the ink limit can lead to longer drying time, bleeding, lower resolution and poor adhesion of the laminationfilm.
    • Printed media should be thoroughly dried for at least 30 minutes before rolling-upfor transport or beforelamination.
    • The absorbent nature of the paper may result in the warping of the media when printed with a heavy, graphic intensive file leading to difficulties in printing. Special care should be taken while printing such files to avoid damage to the printer head. Please contact our Application Expert for further assistant.
    • If the printed graphics are likely to be exposed to corrosive liquids, smoke, fumes, pollution or likelihood of scratching or friction, it is strongly recommended that the prints are laminated with a cold laminationfilm.
    • The lamination film must be checked for compatibility with the media. Exposure to more than 40°C through a heat lamination process is not at allrecommended.
    • A fresh pair of cotton gloves should be used while handling the bare media to avoidsweat, grease and oil transfer on to the media that could adversely affect the printquality.
    • When not in use, the media should be stored in its original packing in a verticalposition.