NovaDom ULR

The Ultimate Marathon Plate!

NovaDom Universal Long Run (ULR) is a polyester plate for sheet-fed offset printing. It canbe imaged on both sides directly through a laser printer or copier and does not require any exposing or processing. Just mount the plate on the press and print. NovaDom ULR is ideally suitable for long run print applications such as publication, leaflets, hand bills, fliers, study material &stationery.

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    • Double sided plate to facilitate imaging & printing on eitherside
    • Inventive surface coating to give long run-length upto 10,000 impressions from each side of theplate
    • Unique Ezee Kleen formulation for scum-free background during start-up and press stop pages
    • Innovative AntiGrease layer safeguards the surface from finger prints ormarks
    • User-friendly QuicKling treatment that ensures that the plate fits closely around the cylinder, facilitating quick make readies
    • Universally compatible with most laser printers and photocopiers#
  • Publication, Leaflets, Hand bills, Fliers, Study material & Stationery.

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