NeoBond PSW 5500

Water base adhesive suitable for protective film manufacturing

NeoBond PSW 5500 Grade is designed for low peel adhesion and tack on various substrates. 

  • Grade                        : PSW
  • Appearance                : Milky white low viscous liquid 
  • Unreacted monomer    : Approx 0.5
  • pH                             : 8.0 + 0.5
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    • Higher coating speed compared to conventional water based PS adhesive
    • Gives totally non-transferable and clear adhesive coating. 
    • Easily removable.
    • High clarity construction provides glass like appearance.
    • Protects surfaces from foreign particles like dust.
    • NeoBond PSW 5500 Grade is designed for low peel adhesion and tack on various substrates.
    • Suitable for manufacturing of Protective Polyethylene Films to be used on polycarbonate, acrylic, glass and other surfaces that are subject to damage from scratch, cutting, abrasion, chemical etching and impacts.
    • Protecting film is also used for protecting smooth, flat surfaces such as windows, display, windscreens and modesty panels
    • Storage & Handling: Store in airtight containers as supplied, storage should be between 10-35°C. Product should be stirred well before use. Rotate stocks on first in first out basis.
    • Shelf life: 6 months from the date of packing
    • Packing: 50kg drum
    • Caution: NeoBond PSW 5500 grade is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-flammable under normal conditions of use. Splashes in the eyes should be immediately washed with plenty of water. Spillage in work place and on cloth should be immediately washed with water. Proper ventilation should be provided in work area.
    • For better & clean removability of film from base substrate use of additive HD 300 is recommended.
    • For best results, LDPE/HDPE film surfaces must be clean and free of dirt & oil.
    • Temperature of around 120-150°C in the drying tunnel is suggested for best results.
    • HD-300 should be added slowly to adhesive with continuous stirring to avoid forming of lumps. It is recommended that mixed adhesive be used within 2-3 hours of mixing.