NeoBond HMB 9385

Hotmelt Adhesive for side pasting applications in perfect binding

NeoBond HMB 9385 is a hotmelt special grade adhesive for side pasting application in perfect binding with melting point above 100 oC. It is suitable for all kinds of high-speed perfect book binding machines like Muller Martini, Kolbus, Welbound, Wholenberg etc with art / wood-free / maplitho paper.

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  • ● Free flow feature, easy spread of adhesive
    ● Hotmelt adhesive allows good machinability
    ● Excellent binding strength with coated papers
    ● Books does not get de-bonded even at 100 oC
    ● Low odor

  • ● Application : Suitable for Art/Coated papers in side pasting application.

  • ● Grade : HMB
    ● Appearance : White pillow
    ● Softening Point (oC) : 100 + 2
    ● Glue Pot Temp (oC) : 130 – 150
    ● Setting time (sec) : 7-8

  • ● Storage & Handling : Store in original sealed bags at temperatures between
    10oC-30oC. Avoid storage under direct sunlight & high temperatures. Rotate stocks on FIFO basis
    ● Shelf-life : 1 year from the month of manufacturing
    ● Packing : 25 Kg Bag
    ● Caution : NeoBond HMB 9385 is non–toxic, non-hazardous and non- flammable under normal conditions of use. Splashes in the eyes or skin should be immediately washed with plenty of water to avoid skin irritation. Spillage in workplace and on clothes should be immediately washed with water. Proper ventilation should be provided in work area. Product has been formulated to minimize degradation during its usage in melt state at given application temperature range of 130oC– 150oC. For best performance, maintain suggested application temperature and in no case exceed 180oC. That may result in degradation, char formation and reduction in end use characteristics