NeoBond CFS 800M

Hotmelt Metallocene Based Adhesive for carton side/flap sealing

NeoBond CFS 800M is most suitable for bonding on non-laminated substrates. Suitable for food products & pharma, carton sealing (both varnished and unvarnished) in packaging industries

  • Grade: CFS (MetalloceneBased)
  • Appearance: Transparent light yellow granules
  • Setting Time: < 1second
  • Glue Pot Temperature (oC): 150 to170
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    • Quick bond formation results in higher production
    • Strong bonding between paper to paper or corrugated board, especially for carton sealing
    • Minimal fume/odor
    • No string formation during usage
    • Suitable for long working periods without choking of filters in nozzle application
    • For side/flap sealing of varnished/unvarnished cartons
    • Storage & Handling: Store in original air tight containers at temperatures between 10oC-35oC. Stir well before use. Rotate stocks on FIFO basis
    • Shelf-life: 1 year from the date of manufacturing
    • Packing: 25 kg drum
    • Caution: NeoBond CFS 800M is non–toxic, non-hazardous and non- flammable under normal conditions of use. Splashes in the eyes should be immediately washed with plenty of water. Spillage in work place and on clothes should be immediately washed with water. Proper ventilation should be provided in work area.

    Thermal Stability: Product has been formulated to minimize degradation during its usage in melt state at application temperature range of 90oC-170oC. For best performance, maintain suggested application temperature and in case exceed 180oC that may result in degradation, char formation, and reduction in end use characteristics