NeoBond CFS 6055 MV

Carton side / flap sealing water base adhesive by nozzle application

Neobond  CFS 6055 MV is  suitable for side flap sealing of mono-cartons in high speed machines like Bobst, Eureka, Yoko type of machines. It can bond BOPP/PET laminates with paperboard (While using BOPP laminates, ensure the surface energy of the film should be minimum 38 dynes/sq. cm,). Also bond non-varnished surfaces with creasing /scrapping /Plazma tratment etc. Also can be used for paper bag side & bottom pasting. 

  • Grade: CFS
  • Appearance: Milky white viscous fluid
  • Film: Forms a tacky flexible and continuous Film onPaper
  • pH: 5.5 ±1.0
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    • The product is smooth flowing with good machine running characteristics.
    • Suitable for nozzle and cylinder application in high speed sealing machine.
    • Fast setting characteristics, gives undisturbed setting.
    • Retains paper tear of bond at -5 °C & 70 °C.
    • Nozzle application for non laminated substrates
    • Storage&Handling: Store in original air tight containers at temperatures between 10oC-35oC. Stir well before use. Rotate stocks on FIFO basis
    • Shelf-life: 6 months from the date of manufacturing
    • Packing: 25 kg drum
    • Caution: NeoBond CFS 6055 MV is non–toxic, non-hazardous and non- flammable under normal conditions of use. Splashes in the eyes should be immediately washed with plenty of water. Spillage in work place and on clothes should be immediately washed with water. Proper ventilation should be provided in work area.