NeoBond® CBG 3035

Cold Binding Adhesive for flute lamination in semi-auto machines

NeoBond CBG 3035 is a cold binding adhesive suitable for packaging operations on semi-automatic high-speed machines for paper to paper pasting in book binding, carton manufacturing, corrugation etc. Can be used as it is or after dilution

  • ● Good machinability under varying climatic conditions
    ● No migration of odor, hence safe for used in food packaging
    ● Superior bond formation, with complete fibre tears
    ● No warping on E flute

  • ● Application : For Paper to Paper pasting in book binding, carton manufacturing corrugation, etc.

  • ● Grade : CBG
    ● Appearance : Milky white viscous emulsion
    ● Film : Forms a translucent, continuous Film on Paper
    ● pH : 5.0 ± 1.0

  • ● Storage & Handling : Store in original airtight containers at temperatures between
    10oC-35oC. Stir well before use. Rotate stocks on FIFO basis
    ● Shelf-life : 6 months from the date of packing
    ● Packing : 25 kg drum
    ● Caution : NeoBond CBG 3035 is non–toxic, non-hazardous, and non- flammable under normal conditions of use. Splashes in the eyes should be immediately washed with plenty of water. Spillage in workplace and on clothes should be immediately washed with water. Proper ventilation should be provided in work area.