NeoBond BLA 4231

Ice water resistant labeling adhesive for breweries in deep fridge application

NeoBond BLA 4231 is ice water resistant labeling adheive for Breweries for high speed labeling machines like KRONES, KHS etc.

  • Grade                                 : BLA
  • Appearance                         : Off white viscous liquid
  • Wet tack (Rolling ball tack)    : 45 - 50 mm at 25oC
  • pH                                      : 5.0 ±1.0
  • Smell                                  : Odor free
  • Color on application              : Colorless
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    • Free flow feature, easy spread of adhesive
    • Excellent washability and very fast removal of labels between 70-80C water with 2% caustic solution
    • No effect of very dry climatic conditions
    • Non corrosive for machine parts
    • Forms a flexible & continuous transparent film
    • Low odour
    • Ice water resistant labeling adhesive
    • Storage&Handling: Store in original sealed bags at temperatures between 10oC-30oC. Avoid storage under direct sunlight & high temperatures. Rotate stocks on FIFO basis
    • Shelf-life: 1 year from the month of packing
    • Packing:   27 kg open top bucket
    • Caution:   Optimum Storage Temp.10-35oC (Flow ability up to 10oC, below this temperature flow ability decreases and material become flow less and some gelling may take place. It will retained back when glue comes to the range of 10-35oC)