Kratos TZP

World's most robust Thermal Zero Process, Direct-On-Press digital plate

Kratos TZP is the most robust thermal direct-on-press digital plate ideal for long-run printing applications.

It requires very low exposure compared to conventional thermal plates and is fully compatible with UV ink printing.


    • Eliminates the use of processor & developing chemistry, making it an eco-friendly system
    • Ideally suited for long-run UV ink printing without post-baking
    • Perfectly compatible with alcohol-free founts; enables you to “Go Green” without the fear of plate failures.
    • Fast clean-up properties on the press; minimises start-up waste & machine downtime
    • Excellent image contrast compatible with Vision Punch & Bend devices.
    • Excellent dampening latitude; allows high ink density and low damp levels.
    • Accredited for use with all the leading brands of thermal plate-setters
    • Easy-to-image  under convenient office lighting conditions
    • Eliminates pre-heat and post-bake requirements thereby reducing costs and energy consumption.
  • Storage & Handling : 10ºC - 25ºC; 30% to 70% RH. If the storage temperature differs significantly from plateroom temperature, the plates should be acclimatized in their original package for at least 12 hours before unpacking. Always open the package under recommended room illumination.

    Recommended plateroom conditions: Operating temperatures 23ºC (±2ºC); 40% to 70% RH.

    Shelf-life : 12 months (from date of manufacturing) under recommended storage conditions

  • Products specifications
    Attribute name Attribute value
    Plate Type Thermally exposed, negative-acting, laser plate for all offset presses
    Coating Two-layer system, infrared sensitive, negative-acting, high speed
    Gauge (mm) 0.28 mm
    Spectral Sensitivity 830 nm
    Exposure Energy 110 -130 mJ/cm2
    Resolution 1% - 99% dot @ 200 lpi
    Image Color Grey
    Processing Steps Zero-Process; Direct-On-Press
    Run-length Up to 200,000+ impressions; Up to 50,000+ impressions using UV inks (actual run-length may vary according to press, ink and paper conditions)
    Room Illumination Office light (avoid daylight and direct sunlight on plate)
    Plate Cleaner InstaKleen UV (for UV inks); InstaKleen CtP (for conventional inks)
    Fountain Solution AkronGold, TotalCare Range & CrownJewel Range
    Press Wash HMK Wash 1, Artemas Wash 60, AmberWash WM & NovaWash Premium
    Press Care DeepKleen Shampoo, CalKleen, LubriKleen, GlazeKleen, GlazeKleen Aqua, Blanket Vitaliser, Blanket Refresh, CylKleen

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