Interplater HDX


Targeting high volume customers who are looking for superior performance in both productivity and quality, the InterPlater HDX enables fully auto- mated integration in the prepress line with both the CtP and post-processing equipment. The InterPlater HDX is the ultimate processing experience in terms of the achievable processing quality and stability, overall productivity (speed), long term reliability (capacity), flexibility in con- figuration and the level of integration with other prepress equipment. With an open processing platform, the InterPlater HDX can be reconfigured to give the absolute widest processing latitude for any application, to secure a consistent and predict- able prepress process with minimum waste and maximized uptime. In addition, we have ensured that the InterPlater HDX is easy to operate with a full graphic control panel. The InterPlater HDX is sure to fulfill your highest expectations for even the most demanding print HDX Thermal HDX Thermal 85/125/ 150/165 is the reliable thermal CtP processor that supports high-end commercial applications and integrates the latest principles of thermal plate processing. HDX NewsSpeed Dedicated for newspaper ap- plications as Fujifilm Pro-VN and Agfa N94-VCF and with the fastest processing speeds ever, HDX News- Speed offers the freedom of choice between any of the available plate manufacturers HDX Polymer HDX Polymer 85/125 includes pre-wash and a dual high capacity pre-heat oven to enable higher productivity for newspaper production at a consistent high quality. DX Polymer High Speed HDX High Speed 85 is targeted directly at high- end, heavy duty newspaper installa- tions requiring very high throughput exceeding 400 plates/hour.

  • Graphical touch screen – simply touch the icons to monitor or control the processor or to access on- line user manuals. Down- load native language. Connect to CtP and post- processing equipment for a fully integrated prepress line. Ethernet connection for remote service & diagnostics. The most stable pre-heat oven on the market. Energy efficient, hot-air circulation give superior temperature uniformity on the plate. Unchanged per- formance for continuous production at 2.5 m/min. Wide processing latitude and high stability due to the open and flexible configuration of the development section. With brush types to match all applications. Easy service and main- tenance with excellent access to the electronic and mechanic compo- nents as they all are mounted on the sides of the processor tank

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