Passion : Technology, Mission : InNovation

Each of TechNova’s products was a first for its time in India.Each product made its predecessor obsolete before it’s time.Each TechNova product helped transform the imaging processes in various industries.

Offset Printing Plates :
from Zinc to TechNova Aluminium deep-etch… to wipe-on…to presensitised…to Thermal (CtP) Violet (CtP) chem-free
Year New Products introduced
1971 Micro-grained Aluminium Plates 
1973 Electro-grained & Anodized Plates
1975 Wipe-On Plates 
1983 Presensitised Positive Plates
1989 Presensitised Negative Plates
1989 Direct Image Paper Plates
1989 Polyester Copier Plates
1990 Direct Image Electrostatic Plates
1991 Polyester Laser Plates
2003 Thermal CtP Plates
2003 Inkjet CtP Plates (Polyester)
2008 Violet CtP Plates
2008 Inkjet CtP Plates (Metal)
2009 Chem-free Violet CtP Plates
2010 Flexographic & Letterpress Plates
Graphic Arts Consumables :
from "home-made"… to TechNova hi-performance… to safe & eco-friendly.
Year New Products introduced
1971 Gum & Water deep-etch Platemaking Chemistry
1975 Wipe-on Platemaking Chemistry
1980 Pressroom Chemicals
1983 Presensitised Plate Chemistry
1990 Rapid Access Chemistry
1994 DuPont – Howson (Agfa) Range Introduction
1998 Alcohol Reducing Founts & VOC Free Products
2001 FOGRA Approved Washes
2002 Third Generation Founts – Total Calcium Control 
2003 CtP Plate Safe Chemistry
2005 PressCare Range; UV Washes Range 
2006 Single Step IPA Free Fount
2007 Diazo Screen Emulsions Range 
2008 FOGRA Approved Founts; Photopolymer Screen Emulsions
2009 Water Based Overprint Varnishes
2010 Anilox and Laminating roller cleaners
2011 Spray powders
2013 UV Overprint Varnishes
Digital Print Media, Screen & Dye-Sublimation Solutions :
from silver halide paper to TechNova’s non-tear Laser Matte Opaque film…
from introducing Dye-Sub Paper in India …to offering Coating resins and coated film & metal sheets
Year New Products introduced
1982 Chemically Matted Drafting Films
1982 Diazo Drafting Films
1982 Scribing Films
1983 Diazo Duplicating Films
1987 Xerographic Drafting Films 
1993 Montage & Masking Films
1993 Silk-screen Stencil Film
1995 CtPositive Laser Film
1995 Inkjet Films & Papers
1998 Inkjet Films & Papers for CAD, Display & Business Graphics
1999 Inkjet Films & Papers for Digital Photos
2000 CtProof Inkjet Imposition Proofing Paper
2003 CtProof Inkjet Proofing Paper
2003 CtPhoto Inkjet Photo Paper 
2003 CtPositive Inkjet Clear Film
2000 Labels 
2009 Dye-Sublimation Solutions
Equipments & Software Solutions :
from Offset v/s Digital to… Offset and Digital
Year New Products introduced
1980 DuPont Cromalin Proofing Systems
1993 Scitex Flatbed CCD Scanners
1994 Scitex Digital PrePress Systems
1994 Encad Large-format Inket Systems
1994 Xante Laser Platemakers
1994 DuPont & Imation Dye-sub Proofing
1995 Indigo Digital Printing Press
1996 Epson HighRes Inkjet Proofing 
1996 Ultre Capstan Colour Imagesetters 
2007 Thermal Systems
2009 Violet Systems
2009 Software Solutions
2003 Inkjet Systems for Inkjet Polyester Plates
2008 Inkjet Systems for Inkjet Metal Plates
2009 Software Solutions