Go Green

TechNova's "Go Green" Mission 

Our Planet is our most vital resource. We must do all we can to preserve it.
With this goal in mind, TechNova has embarked on a "Go Green" mission. Our objectives are :

  • To promote Green awareness within TechNova, with our stakeholders and within the Indian printing industry.
  • To develop, manufacture and supply eco-friendly Green products and services that have
    the least impact on the environment.
  • To comply with, and go beyond, all applicable legal requirements with regard to the environment, and help our customers achieve the same.

TechNova is committed to helping the printing industry adopt eco-friendly solutions, reduce carbon footprint, eliminate waste and facilitate sustainable growth.
To facilitate this, TechNova has introduced the following GreenEarth Solutions :

  • Process-free & Chem-free CtP Solutions (Inkjet, Violet & Thermal) :
    A range of solutions to help printers eliminate the use of water and developers from their prepress operations
  • Water & Developer Filteration and Recirculation Systems :
    Systems to reduce water & developer consumption dramatically, when used with conventional CtP Systems (Thermal & Violet)
  • Alcohol-free & Alcohol-reducing Founts :
    Fountain solutions that eliminate / reduce the use of IPA from pressrooms and reduce health hazards & risk of fire
  • VOC-free Press Washes & Cleaners :
    Presscare products that minimise air pollution in your pressroom and reduce health hazards & risk of fire
  • FOGRA-approved Founts & Washes :
    Presscare products that inhibit corrosion of presses; enhance roller, blanket & plate life; reduce waste
  • Water-based Over-print Varnishes :
    OPVs to enhance and protect prints with low VOC coatings and reduce the use of lamination film

We are constantly adding more and more products to our GreenEarth Solutions range. Look out for the Go Green Logo on our product literature pages to identify these solutions!