Raptor +

Compact reliable easy to use

The Raptor+ processor is the ideal processing solution for any medium segment printers. The Raptor+ processor offers many of the same features and benefits as the InterPlater HDX in a smaller footprint, targeting customers in the me- dium segment. This means that Raptor+ offers a high level of configuration flexibility and can be adapted to a wide range of applications, to better match the individual needs of the printer. It is prepared for full unattended operation and can be used in an automated prepress line, fully integrated with both CtP and post processor plate automation. Raptor+ combines reliability, flexibility and automation to meet the needs of any customer in the medium segment. Customers looking for high productivity or high production volume, should consider the Inter- Plater HDX. Raptor+ Thermal For traditional thermal plates with developer, wash, gum and dryer steps. Available in two widths, 68 and 85 cm. Raptor+ Polymer For violet photopolymer plates with pre-heat, pre-wash, developer, wash, gum and dryer steps. Very accurate hot-air preheat concept. Easily converted for violet chemfree technology. Raptor+ Chemfree For violet chemfree appli- cations. Dedicated mod- els for Fuji Pro-V and Agfa N92-VCF applications. Alternatively, use the traditional photopolymer processor with appropri- ate modification kit.

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  • Trouble free cleaning Due to the new snap lock bearings, rollers require no adjustment, they may be cleaned or replaced in just moments. Spray bars and adjustment taps are integrated, so that liquid pressure can be quickly adjusted directly on the spray bars. Useful filter drawer The filter drawer provides easy access to filter for optimal maintenance - fast and easy operation. Accurate pre-heating The advanced hot-air concept ensures an accurate and very uniform distribution of heat to the plate. No temperature ajustment for different plate gauges. Convenient servicing The processor offers easy access for maintenance. Spray bars, evaporation lid, guides and circulation pumps may be removed without to

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