Third Generation UV CtP Plate

Eros is a third generation UV CtP plate especially designed for hi-resolution, hi-speed imaging on all popular UV CtP plate setters, using Ultra-Violet laser diode technology. It is fully compatible with all popular processors too. Eros is significantly superior to the second generation UV CtP plates with enhanced exposing and processing latitude. Eros is capable of reproducing 2%-98% dots, 200 lpi and is FM screening capable.

(Note: Not recommended for use as Analog PS Plate)

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    • High sensitivity plate ensures higher throughput and hence improved productivity.
    • Excellent Image contrast resulting in early detection of errors and defects, if any

    • Outstanding exposure and processor latitude helps the plate to perform optimally in varying pre-press conditions
    • Compatible to baking process with Thermotect/RC 510 to increase run-length
    • Excellent resistance to alcohol and press chemicals  for robust press performance with higher run-length
    • Each plate carries an unique printed identification number for quality assurance
    • Storage & Handling : 20oC - 25oC; 30% to 70% RH. If the storage temperature differs significantly from plateroom temperature, the plates should be acclimatized in their original packaging for at least 12 hours before unpacking and processing the plates. Always open the packaging under recommended room illumination.
    • Recommended plateroom conditions : Operating temperatures 23oC (±2oC); 40% to 70% RH.
    • Shelf-life : 18 months (from the date of manufacturing) under recommended storage conditions.
  • Products specifications
    Attribute name Attribute value
    Plate Type UV CtP Positive-working
    Substrate Litho-grade aluminium, electrochemically grained and anodised
    Gauge (mm) 0.15 , 0.28 , 0.30
    Safe light Yellow Safe light & UV protection on windows
    Spectral Sensitivity Ultra-Violet laser diode compatible (405 nm)
    Run-length Upto 100,000 impressions unbaked (Actual run-length may vary according to press conditions, ink & paper quality)
    Manual Processing Not recommended
    Machine Processing Spartan Developer with recommended dilution to be used on processors with chiller unit
    Finishers Unifin A solution
    Deletion NovaDelete P / Jiffy Deletion Fluid
    Baking Solution Thermotect / RC510
    Storage after Processing Unifin Finishing Solution for storage up to 24 hours; NovaKeepGum Solution for storage up to 3 months.
    Plate Cleaner lnstaKleen CtP, Instakleen HD (for Baked plates)
    Fountain Solution Compatible with all recommended fountain solutions and fount additives from TechNova
    Press Wash Compatible with all recommended washes from TechNova
    Press Care Compatible with all recommended Presscare solutions from TechNova

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