CtP Processor Cleaner Xtra

Solvent based cleaner for the plate processors using all types of CtP and analog plates.

CtP Processor Cleaner Xtra is a solvent based cleaner for all types of plate processors using CtP & Analog plates.

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  • ● Compatible with processor rollers; safe on rollers

    ● Compatible for use with all type of processors; universal application

    ● Can be used diluted or undiluted; user friendly

    ● Can be used locally on rollers and in developer section; ease of use

    ● Cleans coating stains from the rollers & maintains it's affinity; prolongs roller life

    ● Also cleans the coating deposits from circulatory system; versatile usage

  • ● Drain off exhausted developer bath

    ● Remove the filter

    ● Dilute CtP Processor Cleaner Xtra with tap water (Dilution ratio 1:2)

    ● Turn on processor & allow solution to circulate for 20-25 minutes

    ● Wet the dried rollers with use of squeeze bottle filled with diluted solution

    ● Drain & rinse away remaining residue with water

    ● Fill developer section with fresh tap water & circulate for 15 mins

    ● Clean developer section rollers with fresh tap water, ensure complete elimination of foam from rollers

    ● Drain the water from developer section

    ● Replace the filter

    ● Refill the bath with fresh developer

    ● For cleaning of stubborn stains on rollers and other parts of processor, use of undiluted CtP Processor Cleaner Xtra is recommended

  • ● Storage & Handling : Store at moderate temperature in dry, well ventilated area, away from sunlight. Always keep the containers tightly closed.

    ● Shelf-life : 12 months from the date of manufacture

    ● Packing : 5 & 20 litres

  • ● Caution : Store away from sources of heat, sparks, open flames and static electricity charges. The use of gloves or barrier cream is recommended while handling press or pre-press chemicals