AutoServe Rub and Shine

Rubbing & Finishing compound

Autoserve Rub & Shine is a two-in-one rubbing and finishing compound for all types of refinish and factory applied automotive paints.

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    • Ready-to-use controlled viscosity compound for easy application
    • Contains best quality carnauba wax combined with a rubbing base
    • Designed for controlled exfoliation of faded top paint layer for improved look and shine
    • Imparts excellent shine and gloss
    • Consistency suited for manual and mechanized application
    • Remove firmly affixed foreign material, such as road tar by using AutoServe Tar Remover.
    • Wash the vehicle thoroughly to remove all surface dirt using AutoServe Shampoo.
    • Allow the vehicle to air dry or use an automotive-friendly micro-fibre wipe.
    • Ensure that no lint or foreign material is present on areas to be treated.
    • Work AutoServe Rub & Shine onto the vehicle, one small section at a time.
    • Use overlapping, varied strokes, which will ensure that the edges of any subsurface defects are evenly rounded, and will allow sufficient time for the polish abrasives to break down.
    • Buff down the residue using a clean, dry soft towel.
    • Storage & Handling : Keep the containers tightly closed when not in use
    • Product warranty : 12 months from the date of manufacture
    • Packing : 500 gm & 5 kg
    • Precautions : Follow Health & Safety guidelines as per MSDS
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