AutoServe Glossy Rub

Final step gloss enhancer rubbing compound.

Autoserve Glossy Rub is a final step automotive finishing rub for supreme gloss.

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    • Unique formulation for a high gloss finish
    • Recommended for use with waffle blue pad or black polishing pad with DA power buffer
    • The product is recommended as a Step 2, following AutoServe Swirl Rub
    • Achieves excellent gloss finish
    • Shake the container well before use
    • AutoServe Glossy Rub is recommended as a second step following the applicationof AutoServe Swirl Rub
    • Initially work the compound with a little pressure, then the weight of the machine will do most of the work
    • For best results use a waffle blue pad or black polishing with a DA power buffer.
    • Finish with light pressure until the surface is blemish free
    • Use overlapping, varied strokes which will ensure that the edges of any subsurface defects are evenly finished
    • Storage&Handling: Keep the containers tightly closed when not in use
    • Warranty             : 12 months from the date of manufacture
    • Packing               : 500 gm & 5 kgs
    • Precautions         : Follow H&S guidelines as per MSDS

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