AutoServe Car Polish Fluid

High quality polishing fluid containing best quality carnauba wax.

Autoserve Car Polish Fluid is a high quality automotive polishing fluid containing best quality carnauba wax.

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    •            Ready-to-use controlled viscosity fluid; easy toapply
    •             Recommended for use with white polishing pads with DA powerbuffer
    •            Contains best quality carnaubawax
    •            Consistency best suited for machinefinishing
    •            Imparts excellent shine andgloss
    •             Wash the vehicle thoroughly to remove all surface dirt using AutoServeShampoo
    •             Remove swirl marks by using AutoServe SwirlRub
    •            Shake the container well beforeuse
    •            Work AutoServe Car Polish Fluid onto the vehicle one small section at atime
    •             Apply the polish using white polishing pads with DA powerbuffer
    •            Use overlapping, varied strokes to ensure that the edges of any subsurfacedefects

    are evenly rounded, and sufficient time is allowed for the polish abrasives to break down. The polish will become increasingly transparent as it is worked sufficiently

    •             Buff clean the remaining film of polish residue using a clean, dry softtowel
    • Storage&Handling      :    Keep the containers tightly closed when not inuse
    •            Warranty                    :    12 months from the date ofmanufacture
    •             Packing                      :    500 gm & 5kgs
    •             Precautions                 :    Follow H&S guidelines as perMSDS

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