Advantage N

Meet the new generation of newspaper CtP systems: Advantage N. Even more reliable, affordable and easy to use than its predecessors.

Overview Advantage N is designed to meet your every need. Whether you are a modest local newspaper printer or the most ambitious high-volume publisher, Advantage N is the solution. That’s because this CtP platesetter family offers you a range of choices. Choose from different plate-loading mechanisms and throughput speeds (up to 400 plates per hour) to fulfill your personal wishes. Rely on violet-laser imaging, with which Advantage N units can image both conventional and chemistry-free plates. Opt for unprecedented productivity with the new Advantage N-PL or go for the affordable basics with Advantage N Essentials. Find what suits you best, yet always rest assured that you are choosing quality. Advantage N builds on the success of previous generations – Polaris and Advantage – and gives you a competitive edge.

  • Perfect Plate Transport and Handling Patented technologies ensure perfect, fully automatic and format-independent 3-point registration. Plates are then smoothly transported, avoiding scratches. Advantage N can be installed close to the printing press without compromising image quality. READ MORE Built-in, fail-safe systems The highly intelligent Advantage N immediately informs the operator when the engine is about to run out of plates. It also detects damaged plates and forgotten cardboard and discards these into an integrated dump area. Higher quality and greater stability The violet laser diode combines a lifetime of use with a low cost of ownership. Advantage N engines offer resolutions up to 2,450 dpi as well as both ABS and Sublima screening – no need to invest in additional quality upgrades. Absolute integration and ease of use Advantage N engines integrate into any business network environment as easily as a simple printer. Full CtP autonomy When it comes to productivity and automation, the Advantage N-PL is in a class of its own. It has the ability to image up to 3,100 plates continuously at an impressive throughput speed of up to 400 plates per hour before reloading is needed. Continuous plate production is made possible by the integrated pallet load module, which ensures an easy and highly efficient CtP cycle. This module is also available as an upgrade for the Advantage N-TR HS and the Advantage N-TR VHS. Low-cost advantage Would you rather stick to the CtP basics, yet want the same reliability and productivity of Advantage N? Discover Advantage N Essentials, a brand-new series of low-cost yet high-quality engines that take CtP technology back to its essence.

  • Computer-to-plate (CTP) is an imaging technology used in modern printing processes. In this technology, an image created in a Desktop Publishing (DTP) application is output directly to a printing plate.

    • Operating temperature (outside of this range may affect performance) 18-23°C (64.4-73.4°F)
    • Humidity range 40% to 60% RH (non-condensing)
    • Power 10A 230V (50/60 Hz) Air supply 5.5-6.8 bar