Asahi’s AFP-TSP is a medium hardness digital fl exo plate, optimised for a wide range of printing materials.

From absorbent paper substrates such as pre-printed liner, paper and carton board to non-absorbent fi lm and label materials. Asahi’s AFP-TSP incorporates the »Pinning Top Dot« Technology, which allows a kiss touch printing pressure setting with constant repeatability of printing quality during the production run. The »Pinning Top Dot« Technology also reduces the ink infi ll in the midtone area during the length of the printing run, leading to fewer cleaning intervals and press stop downtimes for the printer. Asahi’s AFP-TSP plate was developed to achieve a fi rm homogeneous ink density on printed lines and solids and staying clean and open over the printing run in halftone screens. The AFP-TSP plate is the perfect combination for halftone and solid printing and is part of the same polymer family as the harder AFP-TOP plate. By using AFP-TOP; which is able to provide a fi ne, smooth gradation towards zero and combining it with the homogenous ink coverage of fi ne lines, bar codes and solids capable with AFP-TSP, it is possible to transfer jobs to fl exography from other technologies that deliver very challenging, high demanding quality. The Asahi’s AFP-TSP plate is a product solution, which can easily be fi tted into existing customer environments without the need of additional machine investment. This fl exibility enables the customer to react to changing market needs and keep their business environment sustainable. The AFP-TSP is compatible with solvent, water and most UV based inks. Furthermore it can be used with the high defi nition screening and microcell patterning technologies. 

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