Asahi‘s AFP-TOP is a premium digital fl exo plate giving the printer a wide colour space with vibrant colour reproductions and soft tonal shades fading out to zero.

Asahi‘s AFP-TOP incorporates the »Pinning Top Dot« Technology, which allows a kiss touch printing pressure setting with constant repeatability of printing quality during the production run.The »Pinning Technology« is also reducing the ink fi lling-in in the mid-tone area over the printing run leading to fewer cleaning intervals and press stop downtimes for the printer. Asahi‘s AFP-TOP plate was developed for the high quality fi lm, coated paper and label printing application using solvent, water and UV based inks with the objective of transferring printing jobs from other printing technologies to fl exography. The Asahi‘s AFP-TOP plate is a product solution, which can easily be fi tted into existing customer environments without the need of additional machine investment. This fl exibility enables the customer to react to changing market needs and keeping their business environment sustainable. The Asahi‘s AFP-TOP is compatible with many of the recent high defi nition screening and microcell patterning technologies. 

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