Violet Processors

Glunz & Jensen Processors
TechNova offers a wide range of the Violet Plate processors from Glunz & Jensen, one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative solutions for the global pre-press industry. TechNova offers the following Thermal processors from Glunz & Jensen :
Raptor + Series
Raptor Plus combines reliability, flexibility and automation to meet the needs of any medium-segment printer. Available in the following variants : + 68 P/+ 85 P / +85 Chemfree
Gecko + 85 P
Simple, effective, ready-to-use solution who can do without the more advanced automated features available in high end models.
Interplater HDX Series
For high volume printers looking for superior performance, in both productivity and quality. Enables fully automated integration in the pre-press line with both CtP & post-processing equipment. Availble in the following variants : HDX Chemfree 85 / 125; H
Raptor + 85 Chemfree
Compact, high-quality, full-featured processing for Chem-free plates for 4-up and 8-up sizes
Powered by Proteck
TechNova offers the EQPe & MYKA series of Thermal Plate processors from Proteck, one of the leading manufacturers of printing & packaging machinery in India.
Myka 70 / 85 / 110
Compact, ultra reliable, heavy duty violet processor for Violet plates
Compact, heavy duty gum washing processor with lowest power consumption.