NovaJet PhotoSatin PE Paper 245 WR (PSP 245 WR)

NovaJetTM PhotoSatin PE Paper 245 WR (FA)
For thermal and piezo inkjet printing of water-resistant prints for proofing and photographic applications
Product Description & Application
NovaJet PhotoSatin PE Paper 245 WR (PSP 245 WR) is a PE coated paper, top-coated with satin ink-receptive layer. It is suitable for proofing applications and indoor applications such as high resolution posters for photographic prints.
Features & Benefits
Fogra certified product
High image definition and line clarity for better resolution and sharper proofs
High opacity for limited show-through
High whiteness for wide colour gamut and deep rich colours
Compatible with most water-based dye & pigment inks for printing on wide variety of inkjet printers
Water-resistant media for longer life of printed image
Product Specification
PE coated paper
245 gsm (± 5 gsm)
Surface Finish
Ink Compatibility
Water-based Dye and Pigment Inks
Ink Limit
Up to 360% with Dye Inks, 250% & above with Pigment Inks
Available Sizes
305 mm x 30 mtrs; 432 mm x 30 mtrs; 508 mm x 30 mtrs; 610 mm x 30 mtrs;
914 mm x 30 mtrs; 1067 mm x 30 mtrs; 1270 mm x 30 mtrs
Compatibility with Water-based Dye & Pigment Inks
PRINTER Ink Type Dye Pigment
HP   DesignJet Z2100 / Z3100 / Z6100
DesignJet 430 / 750
DesignJet 1xx / 5xx / 8xx
DesignJet 1xxx / 4xxx
  DesignJet 2xxx / 3xxx / 5xxx
Epson   Stylus 4000 / 7000 / 9000 / 10000
  Stylus 7500 / 9500
Stylus 4000 / 7600 / 9600 / 10600
  Stylus 10000 CF
Stylus 4800 / 7800 / 9800
Canon   Image Pro Graph 6200 / 8200>
  Image Pro Graph 6400 / 8400
Superior Compatibility Non Compatibility Under Testing Not Applicable
Tested with Original Inks.
While printing on dye-based ink compatible media using HP DesignJet Printer Models 1xx / 5xx / 8xx & 430 / 750, 1xxx / 4xxx, use "PhotoGloss" media profile for printing.
The Epson Stylus 4000 / 7600 / 9600 / 10600 series are tested with UltraChrome Inks and Epson Stylus 4800 / 7800 / 9800 with K3 inks respectively.
Durability In Indoor Conditions
The durability of the printed image is dependent on the fading characteristics of the inks used. Please consult the ink manufacturer for technical advice.
Usage Instructions
It is recommended to condition the media in the normal printing environment for 24 hours before printing.
While printing, care must be taken to modify the print file to suit the ink limit of the media. For best results, please ensure proper colour calibration. For further assistance, please consult our HelpDesk.
The media should be printed on within the specified ink limit. Exceeding the ink limit can lead to longer drying time, bleeding, lower resolution and poor adhesion of the lamination film.
Printed media should be thoroughly dried before rolling-up for transport to avoid ink smearing.
A fresh pair of cotton gloves should be used while handling the bare media to avoid sweat, grease and oil transfer on to the media that could interfere with the print quality.
When not in use, the media should be stored in its original packing.