NovaJetTM Matte Coated Paper 120
For high impact colour graphics & text prints
Product Description
NovaJet Matte Coated Premium Paper 120 (MCP 120) is a matte paper, top-coated with an ink-receptive layer. It is ideal for printing high-quality colour designs and text prints.
Designs, Mock-ups, Check Prints
Business Graphics
Reports, Presentations, Office Signage
Promotion Material
Posters, Brochures, Catalogues, POP's
Custom Applications
Invitation Cards, Greeting Cards, Bookmarks, ID-Cards and lots more...!
Features & Benefits
Special inkjet coating for sharper text and brighter colours
White matte surface for high colour contrast
High opacity for limited see-through
Fast dry for ease of handling
Compatible with most colour inkjet printers
Product Specifications
120 gsm
Surface Finish
White Matte
Printing side
The bright, white side
Two years from the date of manufacture when stored in original packing at 20-25oC and 50% RH.
A4 (210 mm x 297 mm); A3 (420 mm x 297 mm)
100 sheet packs
Recommended Printer Settings
Printer Media Setting Print Quality
Canon Matte Photo Paper High
Epson Stylus Photo Matte Paper - Heavy weight Best Photo
HP Photosmart HP Premium Plus Photo Paper Best
Lexmark Coated Paper Automatic
Handling & Storage Information
Hold the media by the edges. Be careful not to scuff or scratch the printing side
Store the paper in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight : 20-25oC at 50% relative humidity.
Ensure that blank media is always kept safely in the original packing
Store the media flat, to avoid curling or warping
Printing Guidelines
Once your image is ready for printing, click on "File" and then on "Print" which is on the top left hand corner of your
computer screen.

Step 1 If there are more than one printer drivers installed on your system, select the printer you choose to print from. Click on "Properties" or "Preferences"

Step 2 Select the "Paper / Media Type" depending on the type of media you wish to print on. This helps the printer to understand the quality of the media (i.e. paper, film, etc) that you are going to print on. As a reference you can refer to the "Recommended Printer Settings" section in this Product Information Capsule.

Step 3 Now select the "Print Quality / Mode". Depending on the inkjet printer you are using and the media type you have already selected (step 2 ), select the Print quality / mode available in your printer. As a reference you can refer to the "Recommended Printer Settings" section in this Product Information Capsule.

Step 4 Start printing your job.
Post-print Care
The durability of the printed media is dependent on the fading characteristics of the inks used. Please consult the ink manufacturer for technical advice.
Stack your printouts with plain paper between the prints.
If you wish to laminate your print, a cold lamination process is recommended; in which case the print should be dried for a minimum of four hours. Ensure compatibility of the lamination film, prior to use.