VioGreen PlusTM
India's first chem-free Violet photopolymer digital plate designed to provide outstanding plate performance at low cost-of-operation.
Product Description & Application
Manufactured in technical collaboration with Agfa-Graphics N.V., VioGreen Plus is India's first chem-free hi-res Violet Photopolymer digital plate for high-quality newspaper and commercial printing. The revolutionary eco-friendly plate eliminates the use of water and developer. It is designed to offer the combined benefits of violet technology : high speed, long run-length and ease-of-use.
Features & Benefits
Elimination of water & developer from processing; minimizes environmental impact
Eliminates pre-wash; makes the plate imaging process extremely simple and reliable
Wider disposing latitude; allows for easier disposal process since developer is eliminated
Smaller footprint of processor; saves space
Reduces cleaning of processor; saves time and money
Product Specifications
Plate Type
Negative-working, high speed violet laser plate
Electro-chemically grained and anodized
0.28 mm
Spectral Sensitivity
405 nm Violet Diode
On Stouffer 21 step wedge, 3 solid and 6 clear. On UGRA wedge, 2 solid and 5 clear
1% to 99%, 200 lpi AM, 240 lpi Hybrid
Image colour
Processing steps
Exposing ----> Pre-heat ---> Cleanout
Over 200,000 impressions under recommended press conditions
Recommended Processing Chemistry
Machine Processing
VioGreen Clean-out Gum Special
VioGreen Finishing Gum
VioStar Delete
Recommended Pressroom Chemistry
Plate Cleaner
InstaKleen CtP
Fountain Solution
Compatible with all Fountain Solutions from TechNova
Press Wash
Compatible with all conventional press washes from TechNova
Compatible with all press care products from TechNova
Storage & Handling
Storage & Handling
5oC to 30oC; 40% to 60% RH. If the storage temperature differs significantly from plateroom temperature, the plates should be acclimatised in their original package for at least 12 hours before opening the package and processing plates. Always open the package under recommended safe light.
Shelf life of the plate is 18 months (from the date of manufacturing) under recommended storage conditions.