Description & Application
The Face Shield for added protection against airborne contagious infections
Features & Benefits
Highly transparent visor for clear, unobstructed vision
Light-weight, cushioned head-band for prolonged comfortable usage
Easily fits over eyeglasses, with adequate breathing space
Made from environment-friendly, recyclable PET material
Full frontal face coverage for maximum protection
Medical staff, healthcare workers and laboratorystaff
Police and securitypersonnel
Delivery staff, cleaning & sanitationpersonnel
Personnel at banks, petrol pumps, retail stores and places of close humaninteraction
Handle the face visor by the edgesonly
Clean the surface of the visor with soap water using a soft cotton cloth
Use along with other PPE such as face masks, hair nets,etc.
Store unused face shields in a clean, dry and sanitisedenvironment
Do not fold or roll up thevisor
Always dispose used face shields in a covered dry waste-bin or use appropriate medical waste disposalsystems
Recommended for single useonly
Never share used face shields withothers