Helios TDV
Robust thermal digital plate that prints long-runs with UV-inks.
Product Description & Application
The plate adopts the high quality aluminium and double coating formulation; possessing the properties as high sensitivity, excellent dot reproduction, wide processing latitude and stable performance.

Helios TDV is the preferred choice for high-resolution, extra-long-runs of 300,000 impressions with ordinary inks. It has run length capability of 50,000 impressions (without baking). Helios TDV is ideally suited for all high-end long-run printing applications.

Helios TDV is the preferred brand of thermal digital plate especially for packaging & commercial long-run & UV-ink printing, newspaper & magazine printing requiring long-runs and prepress service bureaus.

Features & Benefits
Extremely robust plate, for dependable press performance under a wide range of aggressive press conditions.
Rapid clean-up properties on the press, with cold as well as warm start-ups; minimizes start-up paper waste and machine downtime.
Excellent dampening latitude; allows high ink density with low damp levels.
It is compatible with all the dominant platesetters and processors in the market.
Easy-to-image and process under convenient office lighting conditions; eliminates need for safe lights and extra space.
Product Specifications
Plate Type
Positive thermal plate
High-quality grained and anodised aluminium
0.15 mm, 0.28 & 0.30 mm guage
Spectral Sensitivity
830 nm
Exposure Energy
120 – 140 mJ/cm22
1%-99% @ 200 lpi
Processing Steps
Conventional wet processing using TechNova's thermal plate developer and replenisher
Replenishment Rate
80 - 100 ml / m2; plus hourly top-up of 60 - 100 ml with TechNova's thermal plate replenisher (depending on processor, tank capacity and usage)
50K impressions with UV ink and 300K impressions with ordinary ink depending on press, ink and paper conditions.
Safe Light
Unpack it under yellow light. (Avoid daylight)
Available in all standard sizes formats.
Recommended Processing Chemistry
StarPlus Universal Developer (@ 23oC/23 sec)
StarPlus Universal Replenisher
RC 795 / Unifin
Elite Deletion Fluid / Elite Deletion Pen
RC 510 Baking Solution
Storage after Processing
Unifin Finishing Solution for storage up to 7 days; NovaKeepGum for storage up to 3 months
Recommended Pressroom Chemistry
Plate Cleaner
InstaKleen UV (for UV inks); InstaKleen CtP (for conventional inks)
Fountain Solution
AkronGold, TotalCare Range & CrownJewel Range
Press Wash
HMK Wash 1, Artemas Wash 60, AmberWash WM & NovaWash Premium
DeepKleen Shampoo, CalKleen, LubriKleen, GlazeKleen, GlazeKleen Aqua, Blanket Vitaliser, Blanket Refresh, CylKleen
Storage & Handling
Storage & Handling
Plates should be kept in dry and cool place; 15oC-27oC and 25%-60% RH.
Recommended plateroom conditions
Operating temperatures 23oC (±2oC); 40% to 70% RH. Unpack under daylight or yellow light. Avoid direct sunlight.
Shelf-life of the plate is 12 months. (from date of manufacturing)