Thermal Platesetters
PlaterRite Platesetters (Powered by Dainippon Screen)
TechNova offers a wide range of the Thermal Platesetters, in alliance with Dainippon Screen, one of the leading manufacturers of Digital Equipments.
TechNova offers the following Thermal Platesetters, powered by Screen :
PlateRite 4300 S Series :
Specially designed platesetters to provide optimal versatality in plate production for 4-page & 2-page presses
PlateRite 8300 S Series :
Entry-level thermal CtP platesetter that outputs B1 size plates
PlateRite 8600N S/E/Z :
Advanced CtP units that makes high-performance CtP output a reality in your production environment.
PlateRite 8600 SL Series :
Entry model CtP achieving efficient plate making process.
PlateRite 8600MSII :
New, compact model that features everything you need to create a fully digital platemaking workflow.
PlateRite Ultima 16000II Range Series :
Thermal CtP unit that can output plates for large size media including plates upto 14 A4 pages in size. Available in 2 variants : PlateRite Ultima 16000IIS & PlateRite Ultima 16000IIE
PlateRite News 2000 Series :
A platesetter that offers flexibility to respond to the needs of the newspaper industry.