Best-in-Class, Direct-on-Press, Process-free Thermal Plate Expose-Print
Product Description & Application
Azura TE is manufactured with Agfa Graphics patented ThermoFuse TM technology. It sets a new standard for high-quality thermal imaging with eco-friendly features. Azura TE is imaged in a standard thermal plate setter and taken directly on the press for printing.
Azura TE plates are designed to meet the needs of today's printers: performance, ease-of-use, quality and consistency.
Features & Benefits
Eco-friendly thermal plate; Expose & Print.
Dot resolution of 1- 99% using 200 lpi screen (AM); 20 μm (FM).
Fast clean-up properties on the press; minimises start-up & restart-up paper waste.
Good dampening latitude allows high ink density and low damp levels.
Product Specifications
Plate Type
Thermally exposed laser plate for sheet and web offset
Infrared sensitive, negative working, ThermoFuse TM
Spectral Sensitivity
830 nm
Exposure Energy
160 mJ / cm2
1 - 99 % dot resolution at 200 lpi (AM); 20 μm (FM)
Image Colour
Up to 75,000 impressions
Room Illumination
Office light (Avoid daylight & direct sunlight on plate)
Recommended Pressroom Chemistry
Plate Cleaner
InstaKleen CtP
Fountain Solution
Compatible with all standard TechNova fount solutions
Deletion Pen
Press Wash
ArtemasWash 60, ArtemasWash 80, AmberWash WM, NovaWash Premium
DeepKleen Shampoo, CalKleen, LubriKleen, GlazeKleen, GlazeKleen Aqua, Blanket Vitaliser, Blanket Refresh, CylKleen
Storage, Handling & Packaging
Storage & Handling
10°C - 25°C; 30% to 60% RH. . If the storage temperature differs significantly from plateroom temperature, the plates should be acclimatized in their original package for at least 12 hours before opening the package and processing plates. Always open the package under recommended room illumination.
Recommended plateroom conditions
Operating temperatures 23°C (±2°C); 40% to 60% RH.
Shelf-life of the plate is 18 months (from date of manufacturing) under recommended storage conditions.