NovaSign OverLamination Gloss PVC 80 (COG 5213)

NovaSignTM OverLamination Gloss PVC 80
For cold over lamination of digital prints
Product Description & Application
NovaSign OverLamination Gloss PVC 80 (COG 5213) is a pressure sensitive adhesive coated gloss finish, cold over lamination media. It protects the digital prints against scratches, stains, moisture and potentially damaging gases in both indoor & outdoor environment.
Features & Benefits
Gloss finish surface for better appealing of prints
Transparent adhesive for high image clarity
Superior quality PVC media for ease of handling during manual & machine lamination
This media is an enhancement tool perfectly matched with the NovaJet and NovaSign media for best result
Suitability for laminating prints on PET, PVC & Paper substrates making it ideal for wider variety of application
Product Specifications
80 microns
Release Liner Thickness
110 gsm (±10 gsm)
Surface Finish
Acrylic, Solvent based & Permanent
Two year from the date of manufacturing when stored in original packaging at 25oC to 30oC & 50% RH (± 5%)
Available Sizes
940 mm x 50 m, 1020 mm x 50 m,1270 mm x 50 m & 1530 mm x 50 m
Usage Instructions
We recommend prints are dried for 4 to 6 hours at 30oC to 35oC at RH<60% before laminating. Increase of higher RH, we recommend longer drying time.
While laminating prints with heavy ink lay downs, allow longer drying time before lamination.
Usage of original inks is highly recommended, other inks may react with the adhesive of lamination film and cause “colour shift”.
We recommend using custom colour profiles for critical colour reproduction. Lamination often causes colour shift in images. Please consult our HelpDesk for further assistance.
The lamination film must be checked for compatibility with the media & end use application of the finished product.
Before trimming or mounting the laminated print, it is recommended to wait atleast for one hour to allow adequate bonding of lamination.
When not in use, the lamination film should be stored in its original packing.