Archival Inkjet Fine Art Paper

History, Expertise and Excellence

Canson Infinity papers are manufactured by the world's leading Fine Art Paper Mills, Canson and Arches, located in France.

Canson was founded in 1557 and its illustrious history includes the prestigious appointment to Manufacture Royale in 1784 by Louis XVI and the invention of the Hot Air Balloon, made with Canson paper in 1782.

The Arches Mill was founded in 1492 and through the years, the history of Arches has been closely linked to the history of France. Many literary milestones and works of art have been entrusted to Arches' exquisite papers, such as Beaumarchais' "The Complete Works of Voltaire" and Napoleon's "The Description of Egypt".

The unique qualities of these two premier paper mills and their products have been embraced by artists such as Picasso, Chagal, Warhol, Ingres, Miro and Alechinsky. They remain the standard for today's artists.

Innovation, Quality and Character

In 1865, Canson was granted a patent for a system that simplified the photo printing process and improved the quality of black tones whilst making it less expensive. This invention was rewarded at the International Photography Exhibition of 1892.

97 years later, back in 1989, Digital Fine Art printmaking began on an Arches watercolour paper at Nash Editions in Los Angeles. These pioneers of digital print reproduction selected this quality, as the world’s most celebrated artists had done for five hundred years before them.

Canson has retained its spirit of innovation by combining centuries of papermaking experience and technically advanced coatings to produce the new benchmark for today’s demanding print reproduction marketplace.

Canson favours the use of natural minerals and the purest materials to offer you age-resistant inkjet papers. Canson’s Inkjet Fine Art and Photo papers & canvas present exceptional quality and character combined with stellar printing performance, consistency and value. Canson Infinity papers and canvas provide a wide colour gamut, deep blacks and excellent image sharpness.

Artists and photographers can choose between a variety of textures and media aesthetics that enable them to fully express their creativity and produce high end prints.

Applications include, but are not limited to fine art and photographic reproduction, photo restoration, art and photo portfolios and book art applications.

Canson Infinity is the ultimate choice for digital print-makers and artists.

TechNova is the sole distributor of the Canson Inkjet Paper range in India. Currently, we offer the following range in India :


  BFK Rives Edition Etching Rag Rag Photo- graphique Platine Fibre Rag Baryta Photo- graphique Arches Aquarelle Rag Rag Photo- graphique 210 Arches Aquarelle Rag 240 Museum Pro Canvas Water Resistant Photo Art Pro Canvas Water Resistant
  Weight (gsm) 310 310 310 310 310 310 210 240 385 395
Surface Feel Extra Smooth                  
  Soft textured                

surface finish

  Cotton (%) 100 100 100 100   100 100 100 100  
  Cellulose         100          
Features and benefits Thickness (µm) 513 479 466 395 310 599 323 468 500 530
  Acid free paper      
  Alkaline buffered    
  Water resistance high high high high high high high high high high
  OBA content none none none none   none none none none none