Waterless Offset Plates

Analog photo-sensitive waterless plates (negative working) are also available and compatible with standard UV exposure systems.

Toray waterless plates are negative working, non-ablative, thermal plates that utilize traditional printing presses equipped with ink temperature control systems to effectively print on paper, plastics and other substrates without dampening solutions. There are two configurations, VG5 and LL7, as described below.

Toray waterless plates will produce high-resolution images with 830 nm thermal CTP devices from all major manufacturers enabling printers to reach new heights in quality.

Toray and Toray approved automatic plate processors with low-maintenance design use up to 80% less chemicals and wash water than traditional "wet" lithographic plate processors. Since chemicals such as high alkaline developers, acidic finishers and replenishing solutions are not needed, Toray waterless system will help reduce your pre-press cost and inventory low.

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