International launch of the Thermostar TN

International launch of the Thermostar TN
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One of the biggest pre-drupa announcements from India is the launch of TechNova's Thermal Plate. This plate, Thermostar TN, which has been developed and patented by Agfa, will be commercially manufactured at TechNova's high-quality plant.

In the CtP sector, customers find themselves confronted with difficult decisions, with different technologies and processes competing for the customers' favour. Now, with the global launch of the Thermostar TN, CtP users in India and internationally have a premium choice.

The Thermostar TN is sensitised to 830 nm and is based on an innovative coating technology, offering fast imaging, convenient handling, and is ideal for stochastic or FM screening. The Thermostar TN has been designed for high-end commercial printing applications and can achieve run-lengths up to 150,000 impressions (which can be extended up to one million impressions with baking); and 1% to 99% dot resolution using 250 lpi screen ruling.

Not just that. These plates can be handled easily and conveniently in daylight conditions, eliminating safelights and separate work areas. Besides which, they are as easy to develop, wash, and gum as they are to image, since Thermostar TN uses conventional processing chemistry.

TechNova has painstakingly ensured that the Thermostar TN can be integrated with the leading platesetters. This includes, the several new systems which will be presented at drupa 2004.

As part of a special scheme, TechNova is also offering the plate developer, Stardust to the customers. A ratio of one litre for every 10 sq metres of plates will be provided free of cost. The distinguishing features of Stardust developer are extremely long bath life and compatibility with other brands of Thermal Plates.

TechNova Thermostar TN plates have been used in almost all the CtP print shops in India for the past several months and the feedback has been astounding. Users have given top ranking to Thermostar TN for speed, latitude and reproduction.

According to Pranav Parikh, Chairman and Managing Director, TechNova, and a print evangelist for CtP in India, "We have priced Thermostar TN plates at a level that ensures clear savings over the aggregate consumable costs of using analog plates. We have also performed a detailed ROI and day-to-day cost-in-use analysis at a number of CtP user sites. Based on the findings, we are convinced that "Made in India", Thermostar TN will help transform the Indian sub-continent from analog to digital at a pace faster than in any other country."

ABOUT TechNova

TechNova is a market leader in India, with over 70% market share in each of its product category.

Along with Agfa, TechNova is the only company in the world manufacturing the full range of CtP consumables viz. inkjet photo-papers for CtPhoto; inkjet proofing paper for CtProof; Thermal, Violet & UV metal plates for CtPlate; inkjet & laser polyester plates for CtPoly; and large-format & desktop inkjet and laser media for CtPrint.

TechNova has commissioned its new fully integrated, fully automated, high-speed plate production plant in technical collaboration with Agfa.TechNova's plate manufacturing capacity is now the 5th largest in the world.

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