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TechNova Launches NovaJet TruePhoto Inkjet Photographic Paper at Photofair 2004

NovaJet TruePhoto Inkjet
Photographic Paper Pack

Photofair 2004 will see the introduction of TechNova's NovaJet TruePhoto Inkjet Photographic Paper. Visitors can examine the impressive samples of actual jobs which shall be displayed at the TechNova Stand (Hall D; Stand 9).

"The new media from TechNova enables users to increase their range of offerings to customers. TruePhoto is designed to offer photographic prints on inkjet printers that surpass the quality of the conventional silver halide colour prints. Every participant in blind tests between TruePhoto prints and silver halide prints of the same images, has picked TruePhoto as superior! The TruePhoto range of papers is also ideal for front-lit prints, murals, signs, posters, banners and charts. TruePhoto provides a unique opportunity to Photo Studios to set up an instant photolab using an inkjet photo-printer at almost nil investment." says Mahesh Divate - Marketing Manager, Desktop Digital Print Media, TechNova Imaging Systems (P) Limited.

The dazzling range of inkjet media that will be introduced at Photofair 2004 includes :
  • NovaJet TruePhoto Gloss Paper WR 300gsm
  • NovaJet TruePhoto Gloss Paper WR 260gsm
  • NovaJet TruePhoto Satin Paper WR 255gsm

    The new media is available in a selection of sizes (4"x6", A4 & A3) and is compatible with all popular models of inkjet printers. "TechNova's inkjet media portfolio continues to grow, offering users the most comprehensive range of media available," adds Mahesh Divate. "Our media offers a wide colour gamut with excellent resolution and image stability across a wide range of applications. These include design and advertising, exhibition panels, point of sale, banners, backlit posters, packaging, presentations, prepress proofing, cartography and photography."

    What makes NovaJet TruePhoto Inkjet Photographic Paper a true photographic paper?

    The TruePhoto range of inkjet media incorporates features that enable production of photographic prints that not only rival, but have an edge over the silver halide colour prints made in digital photo labs.

    NovaJet Inkjet Photographic Paper Structure

    NovaJet Inkjet Photographic Paper

    Construction of TruePhoto Paper : The coating consists of multiple layers of microporous ink-receptive emulsion. The base is a PE laminated , pure white photo-grade paper. Together, they provide exceptional print-quality with the touch and feel of conventional photographs.

    Universal Printer Compatibility : TruePhoto range is perfectly compatible with all popular brands of Thermal & Piezo printers. This eliminates the need to stock different types of inkjet papers for different printers.

    Universal Ink Compatibility : TruePhoto papers can be used with both, dye and pigment -based ink types, with no compromise in print quality.

    Superior whiteness : Its untainted, wholesome white base offers enhanced contrast. This results in improved tones and shadow details of the print.

    Instant Dry : One of the most important requirements is that the print should dry as it prints, eliminating the risk of smudging. TruePhoto prints are "touch dry" even as they exit the printer, which makes handling and stacking of prints stress-free, even in a production environment!
    Water-Resistance : The revolutionary microporous coating technology allows you to even wet wipe the prints in case you accidentally drop water on it. As a result, the prints are almost smear-proof!
    Unsurpassed Resolution : The ability of this paper to support resolution of 5760dpi (dot per inch) is exceptional! Higher dpi offers finer details, better tonal gradations and superior shadow details.
    Colour Vibrancy : The multi-layer coating technology with true photographic paper base allows the ink to remain on top, offering you rich, vibrant colour reproduction.
    Solid Patch Reproduction : Its fastest ink absorption rate allows you to handle heavy, dense ink loads enabling smooth laying of dark backgrounds.

    Natural Grey Balance : Its unique multi-layer, microporous coating enables smoother rendering of tonal gradations. This ensures accurate colours, natural skin tones and luminous b/w prints.

    Superior Whiteness : Its untainted, wholesome white base offers enhanced contrast. This results in improved tones and shadow details of the print.

    The pitfalls of inkjet paper are overcome!

    The NovaJet TruePhoto Inkjet Photographic Paper range is designed to be free of the undesired characteristics commonly found in inkjet papers, such as :

    Warping / Cockling or Curling : This is an irreversible bending and deformation in the paper's form caused by application of excess ink, usually occurring on low-weight papers.

  • Coalescence : This causes a grainy shadow area, whereas the rest of the print is okay.

    Bronzing : Bronzing occurs when the dyes in the ink crystallise on the surface. This causes a metallic sheen & loss of optical density.

    Muddy Colours : Some inkjet papers allow uncontrolled ink absorption in the paper base. This results in prints with washed out or muddy colours.

  • Ink Bleed : This occurs when the ink does not dry fast enough and its dyes are not immobilised quickly enough.

    Strike Through : Ink penetration to the other side of the paper occurs when the paper's ink absorption capacity is less than prescribed levels.

  • Mottling : Mottling is uneven ink density of print. It is caused by poor paper structure, uneven coating coverage and slow drying.

  • TechNova's NovaJet TruePhoto Inkjet Photographic Paper does NOT face any of these obstacles, and allows the user to be completely hassle-free while printing. This is because the company is involved with world-class suppliers and has certain commitments to its customers. It has not merely hitched its cart to inkjet printing as have a number of traders in the market; but has steadily and diligently aimed not only at fulfilling, but surpassing industry needs and desires. It is here to stay. Today, TechNova can offer inkjet media from single colour to multicolour, personalised media which can print at tremendously high speeds, high resolution, quality colour, a number of medias in all sizes and formats, and the future of inkjet printing.

    "TruePhoto" Print vs "True" Photograph!

    Print Quality : Until recently, it was believed that to produce true photographic prints, one must use silver halide paper. A look at the prints on NovaJet TruePhoto Inkjet Photographic Paper and silver halide prints using the same images, at Photofair 2004, will demolish this myth. Here are the observations : The purity of colour reproduction in the primary, secondary and tertiary colours, its brightness and the ink saturation all indicate that the TruePhoto inkjet prints have an edge. The colour gamut is also wider, making the print true-to-life with higher colour saturation. Highlights, micro-lines and text on TruePhoto prints look sharper. Surprisingly, even the tonal gradation is smoother and the shadow areas show more details in the TruePhoto print!

    Cost-in-use & Convenience : Common perception is that inkjet prints cost more than silver halide prints. This is no longer the case. The cost of producing an inkjet print at home on TruePhoto paper is lower than what it would cost you to get a silver halide colour print of a digital photograph from a digital studio, when you consider all the cost factors! Plus, you get the convenience of instant printing with image enhancements, colour corrections, cropping, insertion of captions, creation of montage, special effects, and more so, the opportunity to print on textured artistic papers and even canvas.

    Versatility : The conventional silver-based photo papers offer gloss, satin and matte prints. In addition to these three finishes, inkjet papers are available with artistic surfaces like jute-finish, ribbed-finish, canvas-finish, etc. and in a variety of colours as well. Moreover, aside from paper, TechNova's range of speciality inkjet media includes canvas, T-Shirt transfer, opaque and clear films, CD labels, etc. and that too with self-adhesive options. Applications are limited only by one's creativity!

    The new NovaJet TruePhoto Paper Range includes :

    NovaJet TruePhoto Gloss Paper WR 300gsm : A professional inkjet photographic paper designed for professional portrait reproductions. This paper is extra-heavy and durable for longer print life.

    NovaJet TruePhoto Gloss Paper WR 260gsm : A truly versatile inkjet photographic paper designed for a variety of applications including holiday and wedding photos, portfolio prints and ID photos, 4"x6" prints and enlargement prints.

    NovaJet TruePhoto Satin Paper WR 255gsm : A satin finish inkjet photographic paper that has a unique textured surface that is popularly used in traditional portrait studios. The soft, satin, micro-grained print surface provides a gentle tone reproduction and a smooth finish.

    TechNova's NovaJet range of inkjet media also includes :
  • Inkjet PhotoGlossy Papers
  • Inkjet PhotoMatte Papers
  • Inkjet Specialty Media
  • Inkjet Artistic Papers
  • Inkjet Transparency Film

    About TechNova

    TechNova is the largest manufacturer of offset plates, chemicals, inkjet, laser and design & drawing media, outside of North America, North Europe & Japan. The company's product range includes consumables for conventional as well as digital imaging systems for various industries. TechNova markets its products in more than 51 countries through its overseas offices and global distribution network. In the Indian subcontinent it has a 70% market share in each of its product groups. It has technical collaborations with Agfa-Gevaert N.V. and Hydro-Dynamic Products, U.K.

    TechNova has bagged the prestigious "GATF InterTech '95 Technology Award", the Davos-based World Economic Forum's "Top-Performing, Global Growth Company Award" in 1997 and the "Technology Pioneer Award" in 2000. TechNova is an ISO 9001:2000 registered organisation.

    Fully equipped with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which is supported by a strong R&D team, TechNova strives to introduce products that are relevant to the customer's wants and needs. An Application Lab that replicates the customer's digital work environment, with a wide range of the latest hardware and software, is being set up shortly. This will enable TechNova to impart education, training, and hands-on experience. The comprehensive website,, is an excellent resource providing users with extensive information on products, pricing, application, channel and support.

    With over 16 branches across the country and more than 200 technically trained support executives, TechNova ensures that customer needs and concerns are addressed promptly & efficiently. Customising solutions is a hallmark of the organisation.

    With over 500 dealers across the country and innumerable stationers who covet to promote our product, the customer is assured of instant availability with zero-delay. Moreover, the "TechnovaMall", which is their online webshop, makes the entire range of desktop digital print media available at the click of a button.

    In collaboration with global leaders, TechNova brings to the Indian consumer the world's best inkjet media... Making the world's best simply affordable!

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